About TypeVibes

TypeVibes was created in 2017 by Kevin Rhodes with a goal to collect free typefaces for future projects.

Kevin Rhodes@mr_krho

But Why?

As a designer, I use to spend hours exploring dozes of typefaces, but it was hard deciding on one. There were so many options. Pairing typefaces was even harder. And finally, when I did narrow things down, I needed to pay for an expensive license.

As a result of my frustrations, I started collect my own fonts I found on the web. They had to be free, and had to be beautiful. While I was attending a design conference, I had an idea to great a website to share these wonderful type pairings with the world. And thus, TypeVibes was born!

How To Use

First, spend some time determining what your brand values are. Make a list. What emotions define your company company, product, or service? Next, gather some pictures, magazine clippings, and make a quick stylescape.

Once you have explored your brand’s principles, it’s time to head over to TypeVibes, and choose a vibe that best fits that brand. I recommended clicking the example links, to explore what company the thumbnail came from; maybe your brand has a similar message. Overtime, you'll learn the styles that make up each vibe. TypeVibes is here to help you become a type-ninja.


Hero Image: A gorgeous photo by Patrick Fore on Unsplash

Giveaway Box Inspiration: Thanks to Zorana Gee for introducing me to Adobe Dimension at Adobe Max 2017 in Las Vegas.

Prototype Creation: Another Adobe Max inspiration, Khoi Vinh demoed Adobe XD.

Fonts Creators: There are too many to thank. But honestly, you all are far more talented than I will ever be. Thank you for making the written word so interesting.

Inspiration Sites: You all are the craftsman that organically combine and style typefaces. Thank you.